The Surprising Heights and Weights of Stunning Celebrities That Could Astonish Fans

Vergara is renowned for her curvaceous figure, which has contributed to her fame. Standing at 5’7”, she mentioned in a 2011 interview that while she doesn’t obsess over her weight, she does keep an eye on the scale. Balancing her career and marriage to Joe Manganiello keeps her plenty occupied.

Kaley Cuoco, known for her role in “Big Bang Theory,” garners praise not only for her acting talent but also for her commitment to fitness. In 2020, she shared a workout video on Instagram, revealing her sculpted abs. Over the years, fans have observed her dedication to achieving her toned physique through various methods such as yoga.

Standing at 5’6”, Cuoco maintains her physique through horse-riding, a hobby she shares with her former partner Karl Cook. However, the couple announced their separation in September 2021 after three years of marriage. Fortunately, the “Flight Attendant” star finds solace in her affectionate pets.

Karlie Kloss – 6’2” – 125 lbs

Multifaceted sensation Karlie Kloss embarked on her career as a teenager, initially trained as a ballet dancer, necessitating walking classes. By 2008, she emerged as one of the most coveted models, strutting the runway in over 30 New York Fashion Week shows.

With her towering 6’2” stature, she naturally commanded attention on the runway. However, Kloss continued to evolve, founding Kode with Klossy, a program aimed at providing girls with opportunities to learn coding. Additionally, she served as host on “Project Runway,” although it was announced in 2021 that she would only be making guest appearances in Season 19.

Victoria Justice – 5’5″ – 116 lbs

Actress Victoria Justice and her “Victorious” co-star Ariana Grande have long been the subject of rumors regarding a feud between them. However, Justice put these speculations to rest in 2021, revealing that they remain in touch and have been supportive of each other.

While Justice’s career hasn’t soared to the same heights as Grande’s, she remains actively involved in the industry. Her presence was notable in the 2021 film “Afterlife of the Party,” alongside the renowned “Thank U, Next” hitmaker, both embodying undeniable beauty.

Miranda Kerr – 5’9″ – 119 lbs

Miranda Kerr’s journey took an unexpected turn from her teenage aspiration of becoming a nutritionist. Instead, she found herself in front of the camera, modeling for renowned brands like Billabong, Maybelline, and Roxy. It wasn’t long before she achieved international stardom as a Victoria’s Secret model.

Despite her classic hourglass figure, Kerr didn’t feel pressured to rapidly return to her pre-pregnancy weight following the birth of her second child in 2018. Speaking to, she expressed her readiness to embrace her “mum bod,” emphasizing the importance of self-compassion for new mothers. Additionally, Kerr shares a child with her ex, Orlando Bloom, with whom she maintains a friendly relationship, as revealed in 2021.

Katy Perry – 5’8″ – 140 lbs

The acclaimed singer behind hits like “California Gurls,” “Roar,” and “Dark Horse,” Katy Perry, has achieved significant milestones in her life. Among them, 2020 stood out as her most monumental year as she welcomed her bundle of joy with Orlando Bloom. Perry disclosed a month before giving birth that she had gained 60 pounds more than her typical weight of 130 pounds.

As reported in a September 2021 article by Life&Style Magazine, Perry has only around 10 pounds of baby weight left to lose, but she’s taking her time with it. She emphasized that her priority is her and her child’s happiness rather than rushing to return to her pre-pregnancy weight.

Charlize Theron – 5’10” – 119 lbs

For those interested, South African actress Charlize Theron, celebrated for her versatility and exceptional acting prowess, stands tall at five feet, ten inches. Known for her dedication to her craft, she frequently undergoes significant transformations for roles. For instance, she gained 50 pounds for her role in “Tully” and openly shared the challenges she faced in shedding the extra weight afterward.

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