AI Is Supercharging Parametric Insurance

Considering its 200-year history, parametric insurance has been slow to adopt, with conventional insurers regarding it as a niche proposition, suited for the hardest-to-insure exposures. Inflation and increased climate volatility are pushing insurance carriers out of admitted markets, forcing insurers, customers and governments to explore alternative risk management solutions, especially those powered by artificial intelligence. … Read more

Minnesota families rally behind bill to require insurance companies to cover infertility treatment

The rallying of Minnesota families behind the bill to require insurance companies to cover infertility treatment highlights the significant financial burden and emotional toll faced by couples struggling with infertility. The testimonies shared at the State Capitol underscore the challenges individuals and families endure in their quest to build a family. The story of Miraya … Read more

A Deep Dive into Car Insurance for Today’s Drivers

In the ever-evolving landscape of the automotive world, where innovation meets the open road, the importance of securing comprehensive car insurance cannot be overstated. Beyond being a legal requirement in many jurisdictions, car insurance acts as a financial safety net, providing drivers with protection and peace of mind. Also Read : Startup Loans For Business … Read more