12 Best Places to Visit in Punjab

Punjab, the land of five rivers, is endowed with natural beauty as well as a rich culture of which the country is proud. From spirituality to commercialism, this state will charm you no matter what you are looking for.  If you are a true traveler who wants to see the true essence of Punjab, you must […]

Traditional clothes of Nagaland

The traditional costumes worn in Nagaland are quite different from other states of India. Residents of the state give a lot of weightage to their culture, traditions and attire and feel that attire is what defines them and separates them from the rest of the crowd.  The clothes that people wear here are colorful and vibrant. Shawls […]

Famous food of Nagaland

As a traveler, you might be wondering what local dishes to try for a unique experience in Nagaland. Here is a list of delicious dishes in this destination.  There are also some traditional dishes, which are always guided by local people to learn more about their methods and customs.  They are friendly to interact with but […]

Popular sweets of Odisha

India is a diverse country with various cultures co-existing in it, which enables everyone to enjoy what each culture has to offer.  There is always a demand for new foods as there is a large number of food items in our country as well. And this demand is never overwhelming in a country like ours.  From […]

Odisha Festivals You Must Know!

Every part of our beloved India will greet you with high festive spirit. A vibrant culture, rich customs, a sense of celebration, a plate full of exquisite food.  Finally, it is known as the festival of Bharat-Bhoomi. One such part of India where festivals lead the happy life of people is Orissa. Being a land of various religions […]

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