Yellowstone Star Cole Hauser Reacted to Rumors About a Dutton Character Dying in Season 5

After an interminable period with no news about Yellowstone's future, we finally know when more of the show will be headed to our screens.

The mid-season finale wrapped up on January 1, 2023, with the promise of six more episodes to come this summer to round out the show's super-sized, fourteen episode fifth season.

At the Golden Globes this year, Kevin Costner took home the show's first major awards show win for his role as John Dutton, but was unfortunately unable to attend the ceremony due to flooding near his California home. 

Co-stars Mo Brings Plenty and Cole Hauser were on hand, though, for the awards, and afterwards Hauser even opened up about a few rumors for the show's future.

When asked by ET about fan theories that one of the Dutton family members would die before the fifth season wraps up, Hauser cryptically responded, "I 'm not the man to ask, but listen, you never know.

Taylor [Sheridan] is one of those kinds of writers where you never know what's coming. I love that about him.

" He added, "I think the show's amazing because of it, so we'll see what he comes up with and concocts in the next season to come."

That last bit has perhaps fueled the most speculation among fans as the show has yet to be officially renewed for a sixth season, however it's not clear whether in referring to "next season" Hauser meant another future season of Yellowstone, or simply the upcoming second half of their fifth outing.