‘ Yellowjackets ’ Season 2 Becomes Showtime’s Most- Streamed Premiere

“ Yellowjackets ” has broken a new record with its Season 2 nature.

 Following its March 26 premiere, the series came Showtime’s most- streamed debut ever, hitting nearly 2 million observers across platforms according to numbers from Nielsen, comScore, and Showtime’s internal streaming data.

Showtime also boasts that it’s the stylish Season 2 premiere for the network in further than 10 times and nearly double the series premiere followership.

The debut marks a 110 rise in viewership from the series premiere in November 2021 and 40 jump from “ Yellowjackets ” Season 1 homestretch incross-platform viewing.

“’ Yellowjackets ’ broke records as the most streamed Showtime debut ever thanks to Ashley, Bart, Jonathan and our extraordinary ensemble cast who brought season two to indeed lesser heights, ” said Chris McCarthy, chairman and CEO of Showtime/ MTV Entertainment Studios & Paramount Media Networks.

“ By tapping into our proven strategy of promoting series across our full portfolio of brands at Paramount Media Networks, we successfully broadened the reach and brought new observers into this inconceivable series that adroitly combines cerebral horror, dark comedy and coming- of- age drama. ”

Hailing from generators Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson, Season 2 of the crooked drama picks up with the soccer platoon as they face a harsh downtime ahead in the forestland.

In the face of their heightening hunger and fear, the pressure among our Yellowjackets has only grown worse.