What the ‘ Yellowstone ’ Cast Has Said About the Show’s Future Amid product Detainments, Kevin Costner Drama

A final trip to Montana? Rumors about the future of Yellowstone have been swirling since the first half of season 5 wrapped up in early 2023 — and the cast has had plenitude to say about it.

enterprise about the show’s possible homestretch began in February 2023 when Deadline reported that Paramount Network was considering ending the show after season 5 because of scheduling conflicts with Kevin Costner, who plays supereminent character John Dutton.

The outlet claimed at the time that the network was also exploring the possibility of moving forward with a derivation starring Matthew McConaughey in a supereminent part.

A rep for Paramount Network, still, denied the report, saying only that they hoped Costner, 68, remains part of the Yellowstone family “ for a long time to come. 

 The prophet added “ Thanks to the brilliant mind of Taylor Sheridan, we're always working on ballot expansions of this inconceivable world he has erected. Matthew McConaughey is a phenomenal gift with whom we ’d love to mate. ”

Despite that denial, rumors about the family drama’s future persisted. latterly in February 2023, elf published an exposé claiming that Costner was holding up product on the alternate half of season 5, which was firstly set to state in summer 2023.

According to the outlet, the new occurrences have n’t been mugged yet and will now state starting in November 2023.

The Balls With Wolves director denied elf ‘s report through his counsel, Marty Singer, who slammed the exposé as an “ absolute taradiddle .