Taylor Swift suckers take Ticketmaster to court

suckers of pop star Taylor Swift rallied outside a Los Angeles court structure on Monday as a hail for their action against Ticketmaster and Live Nation got underway.

The' Swifties ’, as suckers of the songster call themselves, filed the suit after the Ticketmaster point crashed during deals of Swift’s rearmost stint- because of business not only from suckers but also bots and scalpers.

The suckers charge Ticketmaster and Live Nation of barring request competition and overcharging suckers because the two intermingled into one company in 2010.

There are 340 complainants in the case.

Among them, Penny Harrison and Laura Watson.

“ I mean, I tried to get a Taylor Swift ticket. It was$ 750. also you had the freights on top of it and at this point, I am paying,400 bones for three tickets.

It's crazy the quantum. A typical 18- time-old can not go that, right? nothing's. They are just outpriced. ”

“ Why should they've such a monopoly over everything? Why do they get to control absolutely everything? Who gets to vend the tickets, enjoy the colosseums, do the elevations? It's just crazy.