'RHOA': Shooting to Document Drew Sidora's Divorce Fallout Resuming

The upcoming season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta will feature some of Drew Sidora's divorce.

After almost nine years of marriage, she filed for divorce. There have been numerous rumours of infidelity in her marriage.

Following the completion of season 15's production, Drew Sidora and Ralph Pittman filed for divorce. 

Sidroa and Pittman hurried to the courtroom to file for divorce a month and a half later, filing separately 61 minutes apart. 

Sidora stated "irreconcilable disagreements" in her initial declaration, and Pittman stated in his filing that there was "no hope of reconciliation." 

Sidora filed an updated lawsuit, a copy of which was obtained by PEOPLE, in which she claimed Pittman was a habitual adulterer who had mistreated her emotionally, mentally, financially, and physically, the latter of which, according to Sidora, started in the weeks before the divorce.

In order to "flaunt" their connections with him, Sidora claims that Pittman "enabled his various paramours to have direct contact" with her.

She also claims that one woman had "the unmitigated gall and chutzpah" to copy and email "'sexting' messages directly" to her and Pittman.