Kevin Bacon's Daughter Actually “Stole the Show” in His Hilarious Super Bowl Commercial

Kevin Bacon and his daughter Sosie are teaming up for a new project, and fans have major feelings about one of the duo's performance skills.

Ahead of Super Bowl LVII 2023, the Footloose alum and the Smile actress got together to star in an ad for Hyundai.

 In the minute-long commercial, viewers see Kevin pick up Sosie in the motor company's new IONIQ 6 electric sedan. 

But like any kid whose parent drives them around, the 30 year old had nothing but smack talk for her Golden Globe-winning dad.

"There it is — my dad went EV," she said in the Super Bowl commercial, referencing the brand's line of all-electric vehicles.

 "The guy who's eternally locked out of his email is going EV."

Fans then see the father-daughter go on a day full of adventures, which include charging the car and picking up coffees from a local café. 

 But as Sosie subtly points out, her Patriots Day-acting dad can't seem to stop talking about the features of IONIQ 6 and eventually gets fed up over his antics.