How 'The Last of Us' Pulled Off One of the Decade's Greatest TV Episodes

Are your tears dry yet? You certain? In either case, come together; we're all here to heal. 

Following two episodes spent introducing viewers to the fungus-infested post-apocalypse of The Last of Us, Episode Three completely veers from the course of both the show's current plot and the video game it is based on.

 The bearded survivalist Bill (Nick Offerman) and Frank (Murray Bartlett), who unintentionally stumble onto Bill's isolated, quarantined realm, are presented to us. 

The Last of Us on HBO changed the plot to depict the unusual couple falling in love while the video game indicated that these two men had a significant falling out.

The outcome? A bottle incident that lasted over an hour and a half and covered a period of 20 years had a strong Shakespearean feel to it.

Together, Offerman and Bartlett—two outstanding actors in their own right—perform one of the best television episodes of this nascent decade while singing, cooking, fighting, sobbing, and falling in love.

Of course we were interested in the origin narrative. In order to obtain the inside scoop, we called the episode's director, Peter Hoar (The Umbrella Academy, Daredevil).

In Hoar's own words, this is how The Last of Us: Episode Three came to be.