Even 'The Last of Us' Is No Match For the Super Bowl

Have you started The Last of Us yet? Or do you prefer not to suffer from nightmares on Sunday nights? Either way, know this: there’s still plenty of time to catch up on the post-apocalyptic series. 

This Sunday saw the debut of the fourth episode, which introduced Melanie Lynskey's villain, Kathleen. 

The story will continue when HBO releases Episode Five—which you don't even have to wait a full week to see.

 Likely due to this Sunday's Super Bowl broadcast, The Last of Us will debut its next episode this Friday, February 10, at 9 p.m.

I guess even clickers are no match for Patrick Mahomes on a busted ankle.

The Last of Us is based on the best-selling PlayStation game of the same name, which tasks its players with surviving a brutal, fungus-y pandemic, that may have started in a flour factory.

The video game was originally released in 2013 to instant critical acclaim—it even received a memorable (yet very, very dark) sequel, four years later.

And so far, HBO has brought heaps of that action and terror to the small screen.