Christie Brinkley Gets Real About Turning 69 in New Post: ‘My Days Were Numbered’

Christie Brinkley celebrates aging in a new Instagram honoring her recent 69th birthday.

The post pictured a collage of magazine covers she’s posed for over the years, all of which proclaimed her age.

Keep reading for how Brinkley takes care of herself to look and feel her best.

The one and only Christie Brinkley turned 69 last week, and she’s not afraid to claim it. 

 In a celebratory Instagram, the former supermodel shared a collage of magazine covers that declared her age throughout the years and used it to make a point: that aging is nothing to be ashamed of.

“My days were NUMBERED! Literally!” she captioned the array of headlines that read,“‘Christie at 60,’ ‘Christie at 50,’” and so on.

“Even I got into the numbers act myself when I put my age on the cover of my book, Timeless Beauty,” she continued.

“I was 61 and I wrote that book because I believe we have more control over those numbers than they have over us!”