Chanel Cresswell on playing Coleen Rooney: ‘I hope she watches it and has a bit of a laugh’

It’s………. Rebekah Vardy’s account.” Three years later, this remains the celebrity tweet sign-off that keeps on giving. 

 Coleen Rooney probably didn’t anticipate that hitting send on her message back in October 2019 would ignite a petrol bomb of a scandal.

 Nor one that involved allegations of secret Wag wars, a phone being tossed into the ocean, and Peter Andre’s privates just not being up to scratch. 

It’s the tweet itself, though, that’s had the most substantial legacy. That delightfully creative use of ellipsis. 

 The wealth of memes it inspired. Then, last summer, the dramatic court case it led to.

Vardy, the wife of Leicester City striker Jamie, sued Rooney, the wife of former England captain Wayne, for libel in 2020.

 Rooney alleged that her personal stories had been leaked to the media via Vardy’s Instagram account, after months of personal investigation.

Vardy insisted that she was innocent, and that her agent Caroline Watt was responsible for the sharing of the stories, and not her.

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