Ben Affleck approves of Jennifer Garner marrying boyfriend John Miller: source

Jennifer Garner and her boyfriend John Miller are reportedly already talking about wedding plans and Ben Affleck could not be happier for them.

The couple is getting ready to send out wedding invites following an off-and-on relationship since 2018.

They broke up in 2020 but rekindled their romance in early 2021, according to Hello Magazine. 

But right now their relationship with each other and with their respective families is reportedly going strong.

The 44-year-old Miller shares two children with his ex-wife Caroline Campbell, while Garner has three with Affleck.

A source told National Enquirer in its Dec. 26, 2022 issue that they may have "some ups and downs, but this past year has been great."

But getting Garner to say yes to marry him meant Miller also had to woo Affleck.

The insider claimed, "John has run the gauntlet to show he's both husband material and stepdad material, which meant he had to prove himself not just to Jen, but to Ben as well.

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