Ashton Kutcher Says Divorce Made Him Feel Like 'a Failure'

During some of the most tumultuous years of Ashton Kutcher’s career, the That '70s Show star was also a stepfather to three young children. 

“I was twenty-six, bearing the responsibility of an eight-year-old, a ten-year-old, and a twelve-year-old,” Kutcher told Esquire in our first-ever digital cover story. It was, as he said, “a lot.”

The actor—who now lives a relatively private life, married to his co-star Mila Kunis—was just getting his celebrity sea legs at the time.

His first marriage was to actress Demi Moore in the early 2000s, a time he can now look back on as a major period of self-improvement. 

And yet, he’s still not entirely excited to “open anything up in that realm.”

 Kutcher was 15 years Moore's junior in 2003, when the news broke about their relationship.

He was wholly unready for the way tabloids would treat them as a couple. 

He lambasted the press on one of Twitter’s earliest and most-followed accounts, now realizing, “It’s stupid to complain about things that you’re contributing to.”