Religious places in Mizoram

Mizoram is one of the states in India with the largest Christian population. Many churches can be found in Mizoram. 

The majority of Christians here are Protestants and the Mizos have their own separate church. Apart from Christians there are some other sections of the population who also follow Buddhism and Animism. 

Animists worship a supreme power which they call Patheon. In Mizoram, Hinduism and Islam also exist in a very small percentage of the population.

History of Christianity   in Mizoram covers all aspects of the origin and development of Christianity in Mizoram since the British occupation at the end of the 19th century. 

Tribal warfare, raids on British plantations, and a subsequent punitive British military campaign led to the advent of Christianity, dubbed the Lushai Campaign of 1871.

The subsequent annexation of the Lushai Hills to the British Empire opened the door of evangelization for the British Christian Missions. . 

In the 1890s, the British Empire occupied the Lushai Hills.

 It was still a chaotic administration as the local people were still under the influence of many tribal chiefs, practiced hostile rituals and were completely illiterate. 

Their rituals and tribal way of life were a serious hindrance to law and order. There was an urgent need to start formal education. The solution came in the form of Christian missionaries. 

The pioneers belonged to the Arthington Aborigines Mission in London, who entered the Lushai Hills in 1894, the year revered as the “arrival of the Gospel” in Mizoram.

Although the Arthington Mission was of the Baptist persuasion and the first two missionaries belonged to the Baptist Church, the first church in Mizoram was, however, a Presbyterian Church. 

It was established by the Calvinistic Methodist Church of Wales in 1897 in Aizawl (which eventually became the capital city).

 For this reason, the population of Mizos is largely dominated by Presbyterians. Thereafter, the Baptist Church soon established its headquarters at Lunglei. Other denominations soon followed, including Catholics, the Salvation Army, the United Pentecostal Church, Seventh-day Adventists, and others. 

Half a century later, Mizo has undergone a massive transformation. Various indigenous sects also emerged. The new religion was very effective in overturning the traditional culture. 

Christianity transformed into a new culture and ethnic identity. 

By the end of the 20th century, Mizoram became the state with the largest Christian population in India (and the third highest in literacy rate according to the 2011 census) and the native population is almost entirely Christian.

Salomanche Temple

Known as the Holy Church, Solomon’s Temple is one of the major tourist attractions in Mizoram. Solomon’s Temple is known as Kohran Thianghalim in the local Mizo language.

 Members of the Church established in 1984 are known as the ‘elect’. The temple is large enough to accommodate a total of two thousand people inside the church and about ten thousand people in its courtyard.

On the hills of West Aizawl lies the famous Solomon’s Temple in the state of Mizoram and it is no wonder that this marvelous architectural structure has been attracting tourists and travelers for a long time.

Travelers and tourists are surprised when they finally get to see the beautiful structure of Solomon’s Temple as they could not have expected such architectural brilliance from the uneven and dusty roads they had to travel earlier. They could come near the temple.

The temple is made of white marble brought from the state of Rajasthan.

 The facade of this magnificent temple is decorated with seven golden stars, a cross and a crown below. The main purpose behind the construction of this temple is that the original Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed. 

According to the Old Testament in the Holy Bible, King David’s son King Solomon built the temple as the first permanent “house of God”. But later, the Babylonians plundered and destroyed this temple.

 However, the temple was rebuilt after long dominating the city, but met the same fate again when it was destroyed by the Roman general Titus in 70 AD. However, despite his destruction the second time;

Solomon’s Temple is about 10 km from the city proper. It is one of the largest churches in the country. 

The interior of the church has a small garden which is simply charming. The view of the valley from the balcony is truly stunning.

Baptist Church of Mizoram

The Baptist Church of Mizoram also known as BCM is the second largest church in the whole of Mizoram and is a dissident denomination in India. 

It was established in 1897 and has its headquarters at Serkaun which is near Lunglei. 

Since 1897, the Baptist Church has been gaining more and more members and today it has 160,400 members.

Mizoram Presbyterian Church

1Mizoram Presbyterian Church Synod is the largest Christian denomination in Mizoram.

 Moreover, it is the largest church in Mizoram and is currently one of the prestigious constituent bodies of the larger denomination Presbyterian Church of India. 

Featuring a geometric design that is unconventional as a typical church building, the building looks stunning and attracts a large number of visitors every day. Praying here can be one of the best things to do in Mizoram.

Mizoram Presbyterian Church is the largest Christian denomination in Mizoram and was founded in 1897 by Rev.

It was done by David Evan Jones, a Presbyterian missionary. The Mizoram Presbyterian Church was the first church in the whole of Mizoram and today it is one of the constituent bodies of the Presbyterian Church of India (PCI). 

Mizoram Presbyterian Church is headquartered in Shillong, Meghalaya. The governing body of the Mizoram Presbyterian Church is called the Mizoram Synod and has its headquarters at Mission Veng, Aizawl.

Roman Catholic Church Mizoram – for spiritual needs

Famous as the Roman Catholic Diocese of Aizawl, this is another one of the beautiful churches in Mizoram. Established in 1952, it was renamed and revived as Diocese of Aizawl in 1996.

The church is not only regarded as a place for the spiritual and devotional needs of the local people, but also works in various fields to promote education, health care and peace.

The Roman Catholic Church runs more than 30 schools and colleges in Mizoram and contributes to the development of the state. If you are in Aizawl, don’t miss a visit to this noble body.

Salvation Army Church – A peaceful and beautiful place

If you are shortlisting places to see in Mizoram, this should be the top priority. The Salvation Army Church is a peaceful and beautiful place, offering regular Bible reading sessions, prayers and mass services. 

A great sight for tourists, the church is a popular hang out spot for locals on Sundays as numerous meetings such as lunch groups, senior citizens clubs and youth clubs are held in the church premises.

Evangelical Church – Located in a small town

The Evangelical Church is situated in a small village called Chapi, one of the most scenic spots in Mizoram. 

Established in 1907, it is one of the oldest churches in Mizoram, not far from Aizawl. It is the largest religious organization of the local Mara people and one of the three Mizoram churches founded by English missionaries. 

If you are willing to venture a little further away from the state capital, visit this church and enjoy its Gothic architecture and white marble edifice.

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