Mouth-watering food of Mizoram that you must try!

India is a country rich in diversity. Apart from celebrating many festivals, we can also boast of various cuisines across the state! 

In Maharashtra, you can taste authentic Maharashtrian food, especially sea-food. 

In Punjab, you can eat some delicious parathas and lassi and south 

In India you can have different types of idlis, dosas and more. Where does one get such variety in food? Today we bring you the delicious foods of Mizoram

. As the Northeast region is still largely unexplored, knowing more about these states can help people make an informed decision to visit that beautiful region of India.

 The food of Mizoram can be seen as a fusion of North Indian and Chinese elements. This combination gives it a unique taste and you will remember your meal after you eat it. The dishes prepared here are mostly non-vegetarian. However, they also have their fair share of vegetables with their meals.

Generally the food here is served on banana leaves. This is done to preserve their ancient customs and traditions.

 A lot of bamboo is used in their preparations and they eat a good amount of fish. But if you want to know the exact names of the dishes while visiting Mizoram, keep reading!

The cuisine of Mizoram is also known as Mizo cuisine or Mizo food. 

Famous foods of Mizoram include delicacies such   as  Bai, Bamboo Shoot Fry, Bekang, Kot Pitha etc. Zhu  is a popular local drink of the state.
Mizo people like to eat rice, fish, pork, beef, meat, vegetables and fermented food. 

Rice is the staple food of Mizoram. Locals love to eat fish and non-vegetarian rice.

Mizoram food is a combo of Chinese and North Indian food. 

Many popular dishes are traditionally served on banana leaves. Bamboo shoot is a popular food in the state. 

The use of mustard oil adds uniqueness and flavor to the food. Popular dishes are mostly boiled or steamed. Mizoram food is not very spicy.

 1. Bai

 This is the most popular ingredient in Flickermizoram. The main ingredient of this dish is prepared using many locally available herbs and spices. 

The main ingredients include pork, bamboo shoots and steamed vegetables. 

Wherever you go in Mizoram, Bai is a dish that you can easily find! Some use this as a soup before starting their main course.

 2. Coat Pitha 

Kot pitha is basically a fried food. It is made using rice flour and banana. They also add fish to it, as it is considered one of their main dishes. It looks crispy on the outside but soft and warm on the inside. It makes an ideal breakfast with tea. Being a banana, it usually tastes a little sweet.

 3. Vawksa Rep

This is another popular dish in Mizoram. The star of this dish is the pork, flavored with some delicious herbs. 

The pork is smoked and cut into cubes that are soft and just perfect.

 4. Fry bamboo shoots

If you are vegetarian then you should try bamboo shoot fry in Mizoram. The bamboo is first fried and tossed with herbs.

 In some cases, shiitake mushrooms and other vegetables are added to the mixture. This is a wonderful dish that soothes the stomach.

5. Punch Foran Star

This dish is also very popular in Mizoram and is prepared in many places. It can be made vegetarian or non-vegetarian.

 In the vegetarian version, it is made with brinjal, pumpkin and potatoes. 

In the non-vegetarian version, it is mainly prepared with chicken. As its name suggests, it is perfectly spicy.

6. Chum Han

This is a vegetarian dish where broccoli, cabbage, carrots are simply steamed and cooked together with a little ginger and tomato. 

Care is taken not to overcook the vegetables.

7. Misa Mach Pura

Misa Mach Poora is a mouth watering side dish. It is grilled prawns cooked in mustard oil, lime juice, orange juice and various spices.

Apart from these dishes, what you must try while in Mizoram are two of their popular drinks. 

One of them is  zhu  or local tea which they like to drink with almost every meal. Another is the  Lubruska grape wine  , which is another favorite among the locals.

 If you happen to be visiting beautiful Mizoram soon, don’t forget to eat and drink any or all of these to your heart’s content.

8. Sanpiau

In any city you visit, you cannot ignore the street food. Sanipal is the most popular street food in Mizoram. 

This dish is made with rice porridge and garnished with coriander, spring onions and black pepper etc.

9. Hmarcha Rawt

Another name was added to the list of North East chutneys. Chutney is made from green chillies. This chutney is prepared by adding roasted chillies.

 After roasting, a thick paste is made with other ingredients. This lip smacking chutney is served with rice, parathas or chili.

10. TO

Local alcoholic drink – It is the beer of Mizoram. His name is ZU. It is made from rice, miller or maize. 

There are three 3 variations of Zu in the market. They are known as Rakzu, Zhufang, Zhupui.

11. Artui Chhipuchuan Chal

Interested in famous noodles-based dishes of Mizoram. Artui Chipchuan Chow comes in this list. It is a very popular food in Nagaland. 

The noodles are prepared with vegetables and spices. Then the fried egg is served sunny side up. One of the most popular dishes in Mizoram

12. Changban

It is a local bread of Mizoram. Made from glutinous local rice. Served with vegetables or sauces for lunch and dinner.

13. Mizo dal and egg

Mizo dal and egg is a dal and egg recipe. A unique combination. Very healthy and nutritious food. Full of protein.

 This dish is excellent for fitness freaks. Boiled dal is again cooked with tomato, ginger, garlic, coriander and other spices.

 After that, boiled eggs are added to the fried dal. Usually served with hot rice and pickles.

14. Savchiyar

Saw chair is a non-vegetarian stew. One of the most famous food in Mizoram. It is made of pork, chicken or mutton.

 Rice and meat are boiled together with spices and herbs. Very popular at special events. Served hot

15. Bekong

As Bekang. It is fermented soybeans. It is a very popular dish of Mizoram cuisine. It has a very strong smell.

 It is added to many dishes to enhance the taste of food. It is a famous food of Mizoram.

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