Famous food of Nagaland

As a traveler, you might be wondering what local dishes to try for a unique experience in Nagaland. Here is a list of delicious dishes in this destination.

 There are also some traditional dishes, which are always guided by local people to learn more about their methods and customs. 

They are friendly to interact with but make sure you greet them with the utmost respect and kindness. 

Below is a list of top famous foods of Nagaland   that must  be tried as a tourist

Travel is not only about wandering around scenic places but also involves experiencing and understanding their culture and customs. 

Local food in Nagaland is a must-do activity to enrich your travel memories. Nagaland in Northeast India is known for its mouth-watering dishes and spices. 

As the land of bamboo, local people cook many dishes in bamboo which enhance the taste of food. Try the listed food items for the upcoming Nagaland trip and enjoy the region’s unique cuisine.

1. Samthu

When  axon is used in smoked pork, it is made into a thick curry using a chili powder called samanthu which is an important part of the dish making it more gravy-like and more importantly spicy. 

This dish is mostly  prepared in Sema/Sumi households in Nagaland  and is their staple food which is loved by all the tribal people. 

The dish is then slow cooked to give it more flavor and more time to cook.

2. lie

A fermented rice beer from the northeastern states of India, popularly known as Apong.

 This drink is famous in Nagaland and is prepared by breaking the shoots, fermenting with yeast and enzymes. 

Rice starch is incorporated into the malt to bring out the specific flavor and effect. People enjoy this drink with their friends in fun and excitement.

3. Bamboo shoots

Bamboo shoots add a sour flavor to dishes and are used as a key ingredient in pork and fish dishes.

 Not only in Nagaland, most of the North Eastern states of Nagaland also use bamboo shoots in cooking and are healthy enough to consume as they are rich in fiber and vitamins.

4. Fish in bamboo

Nagaland is a paradise of bamboo trees, the locals hollow out the bamboo and marinate the fish with spices and seasonings to make it more delicious. 

Placed on the grill to cook well, the fish is finally flavored with the rich spices and flavors of the bamboo plant. 

This  is one of the famous dishes of Nagaland  that you should try as a tourist.

5. Bushmeat

The most  popular food in Nagaland  , bushmeat or dog meat is known for its cheap meat dishes in the Northeast. 

They are available at a reasonable price, so locals and restaurants use this meat to make toothsome recipes.

6. Ekibaye

The famous food of Nagaland  is used to flavor and spice non-vegetarian dishes as it contains mustard leaves and colocasia roots. They just cook it with salt so that the aromas blend together. 

Gravy is generally preferred to be thick and consistent with the main course.

7. Akini

Akini is cooked by roasting and grounding perilla seeds, soybeans and rice snails, which have medicinal properties. 

Locals enhance the dish by adding some flavors from pork, axon and lard. 

The taste of Nagaland food is distinct and delicious. As a traveler, you  must try to taste some of the famous dishes of Nagaland for a new experience.

8. Samthu

Fermented soybeans or axon are used to make a thick curry with smoked pork, and a generous amount of chili powder is added to spice up the dish. 

Then, it is allowed to cook for a while to allow the flavors to blend. It is one of the traditional foods of Sumi households and tribes in Nagaland  .

9. Hinkezwu

A simple dish loved by the locals which is a part of their daily meal, cooked with colocasia, cabbage leaves, mustard leaves, French beans and a pinch of salt. 

All are boiled together in a pot until fully cooked to allow the flavors to meld for the perfect recipe.

10. Black sticky rice khir

Healthy Pudding is also often eaten by diabetics as it lowers insulin levels and this Chinese black rice is glutinous in nature. 

It is cooked to your liking with coconut milk and brown sugar for sweetness and warming spices like cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and star anise.

11. Axon (fermented soybeans)

Akson, also known as Akhuni, is a popular fermented soybean food from Nagaland. Made in almost every home in Nagaland,   it is often served as a side dish in powder and cake form.

 Axon is prepared in different ways in different households of Nagaland, some are important and popular: it is used to make stew with vegetables and most importantly it is  used to make chutney  . 

Axon’s favorite dishes in every household are: Axon’s Smoked Pork, Axon’s Dried River Fish, Axon’s Dried Beef

12. Anishi (dried stems and leaves of Colocasia)

Anishi, a name referring to Colocasia (also known as Arbi in Hindi)  is an important ingredient. 

Its stems and leaves are also used to make various stews and add extra flavor. Anishi is used  by the Ao tribe of Nagaland  . 

It is best cooked with either fresh pork or smoked pork.

13. Fermented dry fish

Another ingredient is fermented dried fish. Now, one thing you have to keep in mind is that  most of the food in the Northeast contains something fermented. 

I personally don’t have a taste for dry fish but for those of you who do,

Isn’t it just right for you? Fermented dried fish is mainly used to make chutney or cooked with colocasia or potatoes and vegetables.

14. Fish cooked in bamboo – famous food of Nagaland

One of the many ways the Nagas cook their food is using bamboo tubes. 

The ch  ish is filled inside the tube with a little spice and allowed to smoke over the fire. Once the fish is cooked, it is ready to eat.

 As soon as you taste this dish you will feel a hint of bamboo taste on your tongue, something different and delicious.

Famous food of Nagaland

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